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Final blog post

I finished my last project for the semester. I think I’m going to call it “Party of one”

I created the piece using fabric from clothing and party supplies. Its stretched around a canvas so it could potentially be hung on a wall. The pieces were attached with sewing and glue. The size is 20″x24″

I wanted to use the theme of a birthday party because I think birthday celebrations are a really interesting part of human nature considering our great fear of mortality. Birthdays are a time of togetherness and excitement, even though they are evidence of aging. It’s something that’s extra interesting to think about during quarantine, birthday parties are currently forbidden and our fears of mortality are at an all time high. I celebrated my own birthday last week, and while I did not feel sad the way the character in the piece does, I spent more time reflecting on life then I normally would have. I hope to explore these ideas more in future work and using a medium I’m more comfortable with.


Final project

This week I decided I was not happy with the way my project was going and decided to change direction. I gathered some unwanted clothing and other materials and decided to try and create a portrait type piece.

To start out I stretched a blue hoodie around an old canvas I had previously used.
I added materials and painted the skin for the face
I’m planning to add birthday candles to the piece and started by using a candle for the nose

Final project, week 1

I began work on my final project, a mixed media sculpture. The sculpture will eventually be a colorful bird-like creature. I am starting with the feet and legs, the legs being made from metal bed legs, and the feet being formed with thick wire attached to the legs. I started covering the legs in a blue fabric that will continue through the feet to give a more cohesive look.

Week 5

This week I worked to get my pieces finished so they could be fired and start being assembled. Some parts are being bisked and some have had clear glazes added and are going into their final firing. After everything is done I can attatch the magnets using epoxy.

Week 4

This week I continued working on my project from last week. I created a bunch of eyes, noses, and mouths to be turned into magnets. I started rethinking how I wanted the magnetic pieces to be displayed and I decided I will make 2 hand held mirrors of the same size. One mirror will have an actual mirror, and the other will have some sort of metal plate attached for the magnets to be placed on to.

Week 3

This week I started working on a new interactive project that will consist of magnetic facial features that can be moved and swapped out by a viewer to create a face that resembles their own. I am still in the process of trying out different ideas and materials to figure out a way to make the work successful. I also plan to create some hand held mirrors to be displayed with the work.

Week 2

This week we worked on finishing our “make it work project” I was partnered with Alma and we made this face jug. The face was based off my style and Alma worked on the back and created some organic vines and mushroom shapes. After this picture was taken we painted it several bright colors and it turned out really nice!