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Final blog post

I finished my last project for the semester. I think I’m going to call it “Party of one”

I created the piece using fabric from clothing and party supplies. Its stretched around a canvas so it could potentially be hung on a wall. The pieces were attached with sewing and glue. The size is 20″x24″

I wanted to use the theme of a birthday party because I think birthday celebrations are a really interesting part of human nature considering our great fear of mortality. Birthdays are a time of togetherness and excitement, even though they are evidence of aging. It’s something that’s extra interesting to think about during quarantine, birthday parties are currently forbidden and our fears of mortality are at an all time high. I celebrated my own birthday last week, and while I did not feel sad the way the character in the piece does, I spent more time reflecting on life then I normally would have. I hope to explore these ideas more in future work and using a medium I’m more comfortable with.


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